May 7, 2020

28 Quarantine-Friendly Things To Do For Yourself This Mothers Day!


It’s your week, Mamas! I know, I know! This Mother’s Day is quite different with social distancing and COVID-19. But don’t fret! You know I’ve got some ideas for you to love on yourself a little this week! Remember, self-care isn’t selfish and taking some time for yourself during these times is needed. You’ve been working so hard to care for your little one(s) so let’s focus on you for a bit!

I want to challenge you to do something that fills your cup over the next few days! You can pick one or you can choose to do something each day! If you have someone at home (a spouse or family member) don’t be afraid to ask for some time alone. If you don’t have any help, its okay, make some time for you to be alone by maybe staying up a little later or waking up a little earlier. If you have little ones like myself, utilize nap time or create quiet time for everyone so that you can have a moment. Let the guilt go and love on yourself!

Okay so let’s dive in!

  1. Order yourself some flowers- You can’t go wrong with this one!
  2. Order yourself chocolate covered strawberries from and have them delivered to your door!
  3. Take a nap
  4. Fix yourself breakfast and eat it in bed while you watch a show on Netflix (Becoming is out and it is an amazing documentary on Michelle Obama!)
  5. Take some time to journal and reflect on how much of an awesome Mom you’ve been during this pandemic (Yes you’re AMAZING)
  6. Order some polish and a nail kit from pick up/delivery and give yourself a pedicure. If you’re feeling really good, get you some press-ons and GET IT GIRL! Lol
  7. Take some time to get dressed in your favorite dress, put on some make up, do your hair, and just enjoy this feeling!
  8. Have a glass of wine, cup of tea, favorite juice after the kids are in bed and read a book, sit outside and enjoy the peace, talk to your bestie, or just listen to some tunes
  9. Take a hot bubble bath! Get the candles going, grab some fresh flowers and put them near the tub, and listen to a nice relaxing playlist on apple music or spotify!
  10. Organize your closet
  11. Bake yourself your favorite dessert and tell everyone, “Hands off! It’s my Mothers Day gift”
  12. If there’s something that you’ve been eyeing on Amazon and you’ve been really good with online shopping discipline and you have the extra, ADD TO CART boo!
  13. Schedule a session with your therapist if you have been struggling a bit! If you don’t have one, check your providers through your insurance or check on is also a good one! If you’re local in the state of Florida, check out my therapist, Victoria Henry with Advent Health Behavioral Health. Click here for her contact info
  14. Go for a walk, run, skate, go for a  bike ride alone. Enjoy the sounds of nature and the breeze.
  15. Grab some “Momosas” and have a virtual brunch with your friends and cook together using Zoom or a video chat app like Facetime! Set the menu and share ingredients and cook together! has some cute invitations to choose from.
  16. Take a course that you’ve always wanted to complete!
  17. Take an online cooking class! My friend Jasmine with Cuisine de Cherie is hosting one Friday, May 8th! Check it out here! I’m also attending a virtual brunch on Saturday, May 9th  that my friend Patrecia is hosting! The link to that event is
  18. Take a virtual dance class! There are so many out there! I also love to hop on youtube and find a style of dance there! It’s always fun and a good workout!
  19. Find a virtual paint class to take! That sounds like so much fun and so therapeutic! Check this one out! They send you all supplies and then you complete it at home! You can even gather friends and do it together!
  20. Attend a virtual Mother’s Day Flower Arrangement class via Hurry! They are almost sold out!
  21. Take some time to set some goals for the next 30-60 days- Grab a Covered Planner while its $20!
  22. Plan your next vacation- create a pinterest board, budget everything out, and have fun! I want to go to Bali and I need to start planning!
  23. Start a Bible Plan on Youversion! Take the time to find one that really speaks to what you need right now! I just finished one that focused on how to hear God’s voice! It’s a 5 day plan and it is life changing! Here it is!
  24. Head to the park and have a picnic! Grab your blanket, fresh fruit, water, lunch/dinner, and just enjoy the peace and breeze.
  25. Give yourself an at home facial.
  26. If you have a green thumb, work on some gardening projects. If you’re like me and you’re interested in starting one, START! Grab your mask and gloves, head to home depot, and grab your items and start with one plant!
  27. Order out from your favorite restaurant- Uber Eats has been my go-to! A lot of restaurants have a $0-$.99 delivery fee! Can’t beat that.
  28. Cut that phone off and unplug! Do a social media fast or just take the entire day to yourself! I love putting my phone away for the day! I probably like it a bit too much lol

I hope you found these tips to be helpful! Be sure to let me know what you will be doing in the comments and be sure to share any ideas that you have that aren’t mentioned above!

Happy Mothers Day!


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